Tasting Notes: Alpine + Pinot = Alpinot

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I sold a lot of great wine last year but one of the biggest surprise hits was this little Italian Pinot Noir from a tiny region no one’s ever heard of: Valle d’Aosta. The Valle d’Aosta is located in the northwestern corner of Italy, right next the French and Swiss borders. It’s the smallest region in Italy, a winding network of vineyards on dizzyingly steep slopes at some of the highest elevations in Europe. Because this region is so small, production remains tiny, and it’s hard to find any that is imported into the U.S. Luckily, the N.C.-based importer Haw River Wine Man brings in this wonderful Pinot Noir from a tiny family farm, just bursting with fresh berry fruit and gentle spice. 

Maison D&D Pinot Noir – $21

From a tiny family vineyard just north of the town of Aosta in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Organically farmed, aged only in steel, this Pinot Noir is all about vibrant, fresh fruit. Violets, juicy red currants, and gentle spicecake flavors on the finish. Wonderful with pastas, charcuterie plates, and dreaming of warmer weather!

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