Tasting Notes: beat the heat with Napa Vermouth

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With this summer heat beating down the past few days, even I haven’t wanted to drink (much) wine. This kind of weather makes me crave something bubbly, with a bite, that’s served in a tumbler loaded with ice: a Vermouth cocktail!
And it just so happens that I got in the perfect Vermouth for mixing with just a bit of sparkling water and a twist, Massican Vermouth di Friulano. Massican is the side project of the SF Chronicle’s 2017 Winemaker of the Year, Dan Petroski, dedicated to crafting small batches of Italian-inspired wines in Napa Valley. His Vermouth is incredibly aromatic, with notes of flowers, quinine, and grapefruit, and the palate follows through with that wonderful mix of bitter and tropical flavors. This would be a delightful addition to your martini repertoire, but it’s so hard to beat over ice and with a bit of spritz. Instant refreshment!

Massican Vermouth di Friulano – $21
Inspired by the original Italian vermouth made in Piemonte by the Cinzano family in the 18th century, this Vermouth begins as a dry white wine that is fortified with a proprietary maceration of aromatic herbs and spices including Indian coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and quassia wood which has been used for centuries as a digestive agent to make vermouth. The white wine is aged in barrels for six months before the maceration is added to the wine and then the mixture is aged an additional six months in those same barriques.

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