Tasting Notes: happy, fizzy, artisanal rosé for sunny afternoons

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I’m going to let you in on a little wine secret. You ready? Here goes: sweet wines can be good wines. It’s true! Now, I’m not talking about nana’s fave white Zin but actual farmer-grown, handmade wines with history and character (and bottled with just a bit of residual sugar from the grapes themselves).
And when these wines have bubbles, all the tastier! So where do you find these wines? I’ll let you in on another secret: the region of Bugey-Cerdon. A tiny region in the east of France, in the foothills of the Alps, where small family owned estates naturally produce small amounts of delightful, fizzy, rosé that’s just a touch sweet and 100 percent delicious.
Don’t get scared off – it’s a fresh, strawberry-off-the-vine sweetness – and there’s a crisp cut of minerality on the finish as well. These wines are just straight-up fun and excellent for springtime drinking and pairing with spicy foods. I just brought one in from one of the region’s up-and-comers (and I know what I’ll be drinking when it hits 80 degrees this weekend!):    

Daniel Boccard Bugey-Cerdon Rosé – $22
Daniel Boccard is a former Alps Grand Prix racing champion who retired to his family farm to make wine from their sub-Alpine vineyards. Working without fertilizers or chemicals, the wines ferment spontaneously without added sugars or yeast, and then complete fermentation within the bottle to capture the delicate, frothy bubbles that make Bugey wines so much fun. Like strawberry cream soda for grown-ups – with hints of red plums and violets. The low ABV, soft bubbles, and slight sweetness to the fresh fruit flavors mean this is the perfect brunch bottle.

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