Tasting Notes: the wild wines of Chile

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When it comes to wine, Chile is a land of untapped potential. It once seemed that they only made cheap, fruity reds but in recent years a new wave of winemakers are stepping up and tapping into Chile’s wealth of unique varietals and old vines, creating wines that are distinctly Chilean. And the best part: they’re still insanely good values!
A pair of new, limited wines from producer J. Bouchon just arrived and are perfect examples of Chile’s wine revolution. Both are made from the Pais grape which has historically been used by local farmers for their house wines. But Bouchon found some organic, nearly untouched 100 year old vines that make for some really tasty and unique juice. 

Wild Wines of Chile!

J. Bouchon Pais Viejo – $15
These 100 year old Pais vines are planted on very old soil of granitic, sandy loam formed by Chile’s coastal mountains. Pais Viejo is 100% naturally-vinified using century-old winemaking techniques. A very juicy, fresh, light and honest wine with aromas of strawberry, wildflowers and sour cherry. Perfect with a light chill on a hot summer day.
J. Bouchon Pais Salvaje – $24
100% organic, 100% dry-farmed, 100% wild. Never been touched by the human hand, these Pais vines grow wildly in the trees next to the vineyards. They’ve grown so tall the farmers need to climb ladders to pick the grapes! Similar to a cru Beaujolais, with juicy red berry fruits and wildflower aromas but with a wild edge. A hint of woodsmoke and cracked pepper on the finish.

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