Everyday we have a selection of our delicious, small production wines available to enjoy by the glass. I try and change it just a bit from day to day, to feature what’s new and exciting, and update this page as often as possible. If you see something interesting on the shelf, you can also buy that bottle to open and enjoy it with friends in the shop. We have plenty of seating indoors and outdoors in our private backyard patio just behind the shop. So please stop in and enjoy a glass with us!


Mayu Pedro Ximenez, Chile       6

Lime, green apple, cocktail hours

Bablut Chenin Blanc, France       6

Flowers, citrus peel, afternoons in the park

Sangouard-Guyot Chardonnay, France       8

Poached pear, lemon, reading cookbooks


Gruet “Sauvage” Chardonnay, New Mexico 8

Green apple, toast, sunny brunches


Bodini Malbec rosé, Argentina       6

Orange peel, strawberry, flea market shopping


Abbona Barbera, Italy       6

Violets, black cherry, bird watching

CVNE “Crianza” Tempranillo, Spain       6

Plum, red currants, museum trips

Petit Cassagne Grenache, France       6

Pepper, raspberry, lighting the grill

Sparkman “Wilderness” Syrah, Wash.       8

Mocha, blackberry, camping trips

Updated April 18, 2018